One way to look at it... it punishes fans for flocking out in droves to see The Force Awakens by pushing the release date of Episode VIII back. Another way to look at it is this gives them a little more time to make Episode VIII better. I see it both ways.

I read yesterday on Star Wars Underworld that principal photography was scheduled to begin this month, but has been pushed back a few months. And from what I read the director who I don't know if I've seen any of his work or not, but as I've read he is different and likes to put dark twists on things.

Maybe there is a problem with the script that he is butting heads with the main honchos at Disney over. Maybe actors aren't quite ready yet or are having negotiating problems with. I remember with The Force Awakens they had a script and were scheduled to start filming and at the last second the script was thrown out and Lawrence Kasadan and J.J.Abrams did a complete rewrite while casting and building sets at the same time.

So I wonder if Disney and the director are butting heads.