Remember when the WWF put out wrestling figures and wrestling ring in the 1980s? Oh, I know I wasn't the only crazed kid in Gator Country who wanted to own these treasured items!

Oh my goodness! Which WWF action figure did I not own?

The Hulkster! The Junkyard Dog! Andre the Giant! Macho Man Randy Savage and many many others.

Now its 2015, and Kristopher St. James may still have an action figure or two. Ok, maybe all! But I do have a really really good reason. I am keeping them in case my kids want them. Buy that?

I am serious, and no I do not play with these figures today. What would put that in your mind? My sudden guilt? Well, you are wrong! I will be 40 in August and that would be an absolutely silly thing to do, especially for a man my age!

I stopped last week.