Sting will be inducted in a ceremony on April 2, WWE said Monday in a statement.

The professional wrestler, who has competed for more than 30 years, made his WWE debut in 2014. Congrats to Sting! Let him win at least one singles match via pinfall or submission in the WWE for Pete sakes, though!

I think those who say he shouldn't be in the WWE Hall of Fame need to rethink that. Plenty of wrestlers who never wrestled one day in WWE are in the Hall of Fame. Sting definitely deserves this induction. How many wrestlers are in the WWE Hall of Fame but their best accomplishments were in other companys? Or even in other countries? Sting earned it!

It's what he has done for the wrestling industry in general that makes him a hall of famers in any wrestling organization.

Congratulations to Sting! Sting was and will always be one of the best wrestlers ever.