I have been very fortunate in not putting myself in a position of getting fired from work. Oh, the temptation has been there though!

The was a time in my life where I work as a housekeeper for a small town hospital. I had a key to the kitchen pantry. The home of chocolate pudding, vanilla pudding, caramel pudding, and lastly swirl pudding.

Pretty pathetic, huh?

Here's what our Gator family had to share on this matter.

Jessica (Lake Charles) Cause I did my job too well...

Cristin (Lake Charles) My twin sister and I worked at a fast food joint while in high school. We worked there for almost 3 yrs when one day my sister skipped out on her shift she was a "no call no show" (I was off) when I arrived at 430 the next afternoon 4 my shift the manager said "Ya'll didn't show so automatic termination" I said ya'll and she said oh u know what I mean. We were let go.

Steyphaney (Port Arthur, Tx) I went to my boss at the time to let her know the other clerk was always shopping online, sleeping, not doing work ... And I was having to pick up her slack along with another persons slack ... A few days later I get fired because "its not working out". No other explanation. When everyone else always praised the excellent job I did. A few months later they tried to pop her with a random drug test, she refused and was fired.hat's the strangest reason you were fired?