This is just the weirdest study.

A new interactive map at the New York Times' website looks at the best and worst places to grow up in America. And they've deduced that if you're a poor person, you'll do better growing up in Beauregard Parish than in another other parish in Southwest Louisiana.

Say what?

According to this study, poor people growing up in Beauregard were likely to make $2,210 more per year than an "average" parish or county in America. Boys, especially, will rake in the dough. They're likely to make $3,390 more per year. (Sorry poor girls, you only get an extra $680 per year.

Allen and Jeff Davis parishes coming in next, followed by Calcasieu. There's no data given for Cameron -- so, for all we know, they could be blowing us all out of the water.

So what about rich kids? Where's the best place to be rich in SWLA?  Turns out, it's Allen Parish. Rich kids int he 99th percentile will make $2,910 more per year by living there. Rich kids actually suffer in Calcasieu, where they're likely to make $300 LESS per year than average.

So, poor people, pack it up and head for Beauregard Parish. I don't know why you'll make more money there, because I'm not reading that whole study. (There's, like, numbers 'n stuff in there.)  But go play with the map and find out if you're better off being poor somewhere else than here.