Lake Area kids can beat their "Summertime blues" by rocking and enrolling in the third annual "JAMM CAMP" --which is like a school of rock or the ultimate band camp-- set to kick off June 18th at Swicegood Music in Lake Charles.
Suzanne Kelley, Co-owner and operator of Swicegood Music Company, said the camp is a great way for kids to "live the rockstar dream for two weeks".

"For students who have been taking lessons, this is the next step up. Kids will learn how to perform with a group, making music and interacting with other players, pieces and parts together," said Kelley. "And it's real exciting for the kids. They get so pumped up. They see what their role is or how their instrument becomes a piece of a band."

The Summer Jamm Camp is for both younger kids and older kids, beginner or intermediate/advanced.
Following the popularity of Josh Ledet, many inspired parents who may be looking for a creative outlet for their kids should get their son or daughter enrolled before June 1, according to Kelley.
"It will build where they are in life and in music," she said. "they will have exposure to a group setting,
American Idol and those things, plus churches have praise teams where they perform a rock style of contemporary - christian music have all been adding to the growing interest in JAMM CAMP," Kelley said. "Parents and kids are building these groups and we could help to facilitate those groups."

Kelley said that the camp directors are professional musicians, Trip Wamsley and Trey Newmiller, who help to ready the kids for a  three song concert to showcase their talent at the end of the camp--which include recordings of the camp and concert done by the kids.

Registration fee for Jamm Camp is $25 dollars and for more information contact Swicegood Music Company in Lake Charles at (337) 477-2704.