This morning,  Erin and I recieved alot of interesting feedback on the Chest hair vs. No Chest hair debate in Southwest Louisiana.

Christy Godeaux Chest hair is ok when maintained...I don't want to lay my head down on my very wooly husbands chest and have hair crawling up my nose or face...trimming is great where I still have some just not enough to weave a blanket with...and back hair is a HUGE HELL NO!!! That's just yucky!!! I have no problem whacking the back hair off!!!

Vanessa Davis I think the real question should be "back hair or no back hair"!!! Lol!!!

Shonda Berry Not really, but if neat n not too bushy maybe

Stacyjenn White My husband has sum but not alot so I love it

Jennifer Wirsing As long as it not like I'm laying on a brillo pad

Challis Nelson Depends on the man

Karen Baker Daigle I think it totally depends on the man......such as...

Peggy Hooper Very Little on men...women. Hopely plucks theirs lmbo

Amanda Deshotel Some I want my man looking like a man not a boy

Faith Angelle A little enough so they do not look like a 12 year old boy, but not so much they look like king kong.

Anna Perry Some chest hair is good. But it depends on the guy I think.