Oh, I love my share of movies but that is not what this story is a about. My question is... what is one of the crucial element of a good movie? Anybody?

The music.

One of my favorites is the music score of Pirates of the Caribbean. It's called "He's a Pirate"...

I don't know what it is about that tune. Everytime I hear that music, I want to accompany Captain Jack aboard the Black Pearl and sail the seven seas. Arrrrrgh

Ok, your turn! Best movie theme song of all time?

Pearl... The heart will go on Celine Dion (Titanic)

Dinah... Live and let die

Jeannie... FOOTLOOSE

Dawn... Don't you forget about me...breakfast club

Karen... 'Grease', 'To Sir With Love' and 'The Way We Were'

Karen... "Danger Zone" from Top Gun smile emoticon

Becky... 'I Will Always Love You' from Body Guard and 'Unchained Melody' from Ghost