If there is one profession that stood above and beyond all other practices, I feel it would be teaching. Think about it. Where would a brain surgeon learn his or her craft?

Best teacher I ever had was...?

Vanessa Davis Mrs. Brantley - 3rd grade - Dolby Elementary...a very, very long time ago.

Vicky Weaver Mrs. Alfred Bell City High School

Heather Yeates Mrs. Ford at EDS- such an inspiration!!

Jessica Lee Mr. Anderson 11th n 12th grade science teacher at Reeves High School

Ashley Dartez Lmt Mrs lovell. Mrs. Fontenot. Mrs. Burleigh Mrs. Mouton.. oh lord I got a bunch

Melanie Watson Faye Brown Blackwell may she rest in peace. 7th grade English and homeroom teacher at F. K. White middle School in the late 70's. Strict but a very good teacher.

Randy Cheaney Amanda Snowflake...Streets of LA Man could that woman.....well never mind

Fran Zirkle Danny McKnight at Lewis county middle school

Charlotte Flores Joy Allee from Moss Bluff Elem. and Deanna Duhon from SHHS. Loved having them both. Great inspirations to me.

Sandra Sallier Pearl T. LaFleur.....St . Margaret Catholic School...3rd grade then again in 7th and 8th.