Josh’s Last Song [SURVEY]
Josh Turner's Cracker Barrel Old Time Country Store tour hits Contraband Days this Friday night. Josh takes the Malibu Rum Stage at 8:30. A lot of musicians will hold something special for the encore. We are wondering what you think.
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Bryan Fontenot Visits With Dale And Don [VIDEO]
It is always good to see someone from here do well. Bryan is one of us and still keeps his feet on the ground here. We are all looking forward to his Malibu Stage concert at Contraband Days.  Ready for some of his new music?
New Contraband Event … Geaux Reaux Your Pereaux! [VIDEO]
All cajuns know what a Pirogue is. If you are not from here I will tell you that it is a small wooden boat designed to navigate easily in shallow water. Pirogues were once a mainstay for transportation when out bayous and rivers were the main transportation hubs. Think you can build one?