Has anyone noticed the trend of wearing ball caps in country music recently?  Not just during the celebrity ball games of music row, but during concerts, award shows, and videos.  I grew up in the "country music" era with George Strait, Alan Jackson, Dwight Yoakam, and Garth Brooks.  I love a good Stetson, looks good on any man.  Clean shaven, beard, goatee, doesn't matter.  They all look good.

Now, new country music artists are changing the "look" of country music by passing up the Stetson's and going to a more non-traditional look- the ball cap.  Case in point, Brantley Gilbert began his career wearing a ball cap.  Is he country?  Does he fit what country music is?  What about Justin Moore, he wears a Stetson.  Is he country music?  Which defines our country music image? #TeamStetson #TeamBallCap

I think it is both.  *shh*  Yes, I said it.  I think both looks define country music.  Sam Hunt has stated "Just because my sound doesn't sound like the people who have come before me doesn't mean I'm not educated toward those artists", he also goes on to say "as long as we're singing about a country lifestyle...for me that's what keeps it country" (quoted from NASH Country Weekly).

I agree, life experience is what country music is all about.  Of course, I am team #Stetson, check my hubby below.  Happy 150th Anniversary, Stetson!  #CountryMusicFan