As a member of the Parents Television Council (PTC), Barbara Warburton’s goal is to do whatever it takes to keep children from watching “corrupting” television programs such as Family Guy — even if it means butting heads with her son.

“The wrong messages are out there and that’s my main concern,” said Warburton, a Destin resident whose son Patrick voices the character Joe Swanson, a paralyzed cop, on the hit FOX TV show. “Shows like these are leading toward the destruction of morality… nothing seems sacred anymore.”

Through the PTC, Warburton and thousands of others with like-minded beliefs filed a formal complaint of indecency to the Federal Communications Commission last year to protest the program that commonly makes fun of Christianity, homosexuals and most other topics that might be deemed off limits.

Describing her son as a “compassionate, wonderful, caring and sincere” person, Warburton told The Log that she doesn’t approve of some of the roles that he has chosen over the years.

And while she has never watched the animated Family Guy series, Warburton said she has read both show reviews and episode capsules from Family Guy, which is the No. 1 primetime half-hour comedy among teens and the No. 2 show on television amongst teens 12-17, according to the PTC.

“I have highly encouraged him to quit the show, but it hasn’t been very successful yet,” she said. “I have always adored people in this industry who turn down roles because of their convictions, but Patrick isn’t one of those people.”

When The Log asked the former actress what her son has to say about her aversion to the show, she said it was a business decision for him.

Family Guy creator Seth MacFarlane offered this statement, according to, when asked about the PTC’s complaint:

"Oh, yeah. That’s like getting hate mail from Hitler. They’re literally terrible human beings. I’ve read their newsletter, I’ve visited their website, and they’re just rotten to the core. For an organization that prides itself on Christian values — I mean, I’m an atheist, so what do I know? — they spend their entire day hating people..."

As for the roles Warburton said she would like to see her son take, a remake of “My Three Sons” tops her list, with Patrick playing the show’s father figure.

And while Warburton said the family is very “tight-knit,” to this day, she still “prays” that her son will quit the show and that enough people will quit watching the show.

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