Sure these are random. They are also all cool in their own special way.

I love Pixie Stix!

You could go crazy with yout ten thousand dollars and buy 714 packs of Pixie Sticks! Or you could pick two of your best friends and spend some time in Alaska

Take every flightseeing tour offered by Ellison Air.

You could buy almost 10,000,000 Iraqi Dinar.

If the exchange rate ever changes (favorably) you could be a millionaire! You could also lose your ten thousand dollars! Do you feel lucky? For slightly less than $10,000m you could buy your very own vintage firetruck!


For ten thousand dollars you could take two friends and go to the Superbowl!

You could buy ten go carts and race them with your friends!


You could buy 2,000 $5 McDonald's gift cards and give them away to panhandlers. You would kniow they were being used to buy much needed food.

You could buy Christmas trees for 200 less fortunate families (at $50 each).

You could permanently change the lives of two kids bu giving them a great smile. Yes you could pay for two kids braces!

The last item is up to you. What would you do if you won $10,000 dollars today on GAtor 99.5?