Swarming Up To You?
Lake Area residents have been abuzz over termites that have swarmed for the last few nights, but one pest control expert said it's nothing to worry about.
Dave Nettles (formerly Dave The Woodman) , of  Champion Pest and Termite Control in Lake Charles, said the termites are "winged reproductives" of formosan termite colonies.
"This is the worst and earliest formosan termite swarm ever," he said. " We're sure getting a lot of widespread phone calls, we're seeing more and more in south Lake Charles."
"They're just attempting to mate," said Nettles. "They're not causing any damage but everybody gets excited about the winged reproductives. They only last a few weeks."
Nettles said the swarming is widespread and can worsened with light showers at night or during th day.
"The reason for the heavy swarm is because we are recovering from a 2 year drought with a mild moist winter, conditions are perfect for a large swarm. This is the first time I have ever seen them swarm in the month of April." he said.
Nettles said that it's the termites that cannot be seen that could be causing the most destruction and the ones that folks should worry about.
"You gotta watch for the subterranean colonies," he said. "it's the colony that's always in a hidden area and by the time a discovery is made, it may be too late."
While the swarming termites are just attempting to mate for a few weeks, they could result in a newly created colony very quickly and cause problems for homewoners.
Swarms of termites are just a nuisance, if anything for now.
Nettles offeres some advice on avoiding a swarm.
"Keep as many lights off inside and out this time of year. In a few a weeks, they should stop swarming around the middle of May."