We know there are a lot of bad drivers on the road. Just look to your right and to your left in traffic. Some of you might need to check your mirror too. There are drivers that text,tailgate, go slow in the left lane, and the lane drifters. But what about the people that you have to chauffeur around? The people at Expedia, a brilliant travel website, took a little survey about the way we drive and those that we allow to ride. Let's look at the five things that any passenger can do to earn a free kicking to the curb while the car is still in motion.


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    Backseat Driver

    By far this is the passenger that all of us hate. There's nothing worse than having a self righteous know it all stealing all your concentration with their constant yapping about how you can't drive. They would be driving if their license hadn't got pulled because of all the incidents they've cause. Our suggestion on how to deal with this person is to always carry duct tape and don't be afraid to use it.

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    The Bare Footer

    I think if I was one of two people inside a huge sports arena and the other person took of their shoes I would know it in an instant. There is nothing like the smell of feet in a tightly enclosed space. If one of my passengers goes sans shoes I become quite flatulent. I find in the battle of free range feet versus the open sphincter policy. I usually win every time.

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    The Radio Wrangler

    You know the type. They just can't leave the knobs alone. When they are not constantly hitting scan or seek. They are adjusting the balance, the fade, the treble, and the bass. When they are done, your car radio doesn't even sound like your car radio. They'll tell you their way is better. I usually tell them that touching my radio is the leading cause of broken fingers.

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    The Sleepers

    This basically describes my whole family. When we go on car trips we leave early in the morning to beat the traffic. Everyone is totally sacked out until I stop for coffee. They wake up, eat, and go back to the land of nod. Then when we get to our destination I am worn out and they wonder why.

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    The Navigationally Challenged

    I don't know if "navigationally" is actually a word but I bet you know what I meant. Some people can't navigate their way out of a paper bag. That's even with the help of Siri. Sometimes you just need extra eyes to look for a sign, a road, oncoming traffic, or flying debris. I could only imagine how these people would have functioned in the days of the gas station map.

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