So you ask...what does that picture to the left have to do with The Best Places to watch the Mardi Gras parade? As we saw in a previous posting, there is a alteration to this years parade, and this is the end result of David Kaye's Portrayal of Mr. Toad's Wild Ride..


It's that time of year again! To load up 13 kids, 2 strollers, 3 grandparents, 4 ice chests of various sizes, and one of those little purse puppies that is either shaking or biting with their little needle teeth! But I digress...




The parking lot of Albertson's Grocery by Ryan St and Sale Rd is popular because it is near the end of the parade route so the float riders will dump their leftover bead here so they won't have to clean up so much. Plus it is close to stores with tons of parking!






This is the first year that Picadilly will be closed for Mardi Gras, so who knows what will happen! Plenty of parking, food services close by, but might not be as much room as you would think!








Tons of parking and local food services within the Market Basket parking lot, but sometimes too much parking can lead to too many people! So entertaining!






A few things to notice about this parking area on Ryan Street, plenty of room all around, and you could park on the street just east of Ryan St. and walk over to watch the parade!









This is my friend Tina's place...She said y'all can't come here, git!








Lock Park is always popular, due to the playground and pavilion hidden behind the Gator Truck. But with horrible parking conditions and a potential mudholes cast a shadow on this location!







Where the former Honda of L.C. stood is now a huge level area with a lovely view of the "Bridge That Closed Down Ryan St"! Hope the weather isn't mosquito friendly, a small gully runs right through here!






At the Corner of Broad and Ryan , where L.C. celebrates "Downtown at Sundown" is  a perfect spot, but a few problems with parking can cause headaches along with construction work continuing.









Here we are at the old Sears Automotive...I remember watching the parades years ago on the second floor parking and was still hit in the face with beads!








And with the new parade route starting from the Civic Center on to Lakeshore Drive to Mill St. to Ryan St, the simple restructioning of the route opened up a whole new area, this field on Mill Street. New spot, new benefits: lots of parking in the field, but watch out for mud!





And there you go, the Best spots to enjoy the Krewe de Krewe parade this Mardi Gras, so enjoy it and be safe, remember don't drink and drive...and when you try out a new location you have never been to before, take me seriously when I say watch out for mud!