After a long day at work, I had to make a run to Walmart. I walked in needing a few groceries but I walked out absolutely beside myself. I had met a Pro Wrestling Superstar!

I was at the checkout when I saw someone pretty familiar to me. When I realized who it was and walked up to the Junkyard Dog and asked him if he was lost? He laughed and said that he was suppose to meet with someone in the Jennings area about an upcoming fundraiser.

Growing up as a kid, my weekend always involved watching Midsouth Wrestling on NBC. Wrestling fans could catch the JYD, Hacksaw Jim Duggan, Dr. Death Steve Williams, The Fantastics, Terry Taylor, Announcer Jim Ross, and many many popular wrestlers at the time.

Speed ahead 20 years, there's one of the reasons I am a crazed wrasslin fan today! The conversation wasn't lengthy but it just seemed that way to me. Sadly, the Junkyard Dog would pass away a few months later.