You are gonna love these! These are real country songs! How about great titles like "Drop Kick Me Jesus Through The Goalpost Of Life"?

Country is still one of the most fun forms of music. Just give a listen to "Red Solo Cup" or "Camoflage." This sense of humor blends well with the often sad country songs.  I thought you might like to hear some other actual County song titles like "Velcro Arms, Teflon Heart," "You Stomped On My Heart (and Mashed That Sucker Flat" or "They May Put Me In Prison, But They Can't Stop My Face from Breaking Out." I know you'll never forget the classic "She Got The Ring and I Got the Finger."

If we are going to talk about breakups, we have to include "Thank God and Greyhound She's Gone", "She Got The Goldmine and I Got the Shaft" and "Get Your Tongue Out Of My Mouth 'Cause I'm Kissing You Goodbye."

That's enough fun for now. I have a lot more and will post more later. Feel free to add to the list by commenting below!