Ready for a good scare??? Then your destination station is the CM Farms in Dry Creek! Team "Special Kaye Strike Force", made up of me and my best buddy, Devin, stormed the woods to handle-up on those Ghostly Ghouls that were reported seen haunting this area, but we weren't ready for this level of FEAR!!!

With already having visited the CM Farms just recently during the daytime, I returned with my partner in crime and BFF Devin to see the night-time activities of the residents of Dry Creek. With the perfect weather and and the AWESOME staff at the CM Farms, "Special Kaye Strike Force" got to see a totally different side of FUN! Many kids were running around with light-up swords and glow sticks, lighting up the huge play areas and sections of the corn maze! And speaking of the corn maze, a small word of advice to visitors after dark:


The corn maze is on a 10 acre area, and you don't want to be stuck walking around in the dark using your cell phone as your only light source!

With the night time sky over head, the barrel train was not up and running, nor the pumpkin cannon, but the petting zoo still had activity and the slides and pyramids, along with the duck races, the giant dining hall and concession stand, country store, tether-ball court and the Giant Jumping Pillow were available!

And then our blood started to run cold, as the first screams percied the calm air, as it came to our attention that the Haunted Tail: A Journey to the Cemetery was open for visitors! As the Captain of "Special K Strike Force", I knew it wouldn't be a problem to send Devin in 1st, but his natural defense of running away kicked in, and I learned that an 8 year old CAN out run a 40 something old man. So with camera in hand, I ventured in the Haunted Trail, geared for fear!

Unfortunately, my camera died just a quarter of the way in... That's when the 8 year old found out just how fast a 40 something old man can run!

The Haunted Trail opens every Friday and Saturday a half hour after nightfall during the month of October, so make plans to visit the CM Farms, either during the day-time or for the brave of heart, the night-time for the Haunted Trail, BWAHAHAHAHA!