Parents, are there any tricks you use for getting your kids out of bed first thing in the morning?

Theresa Horner Hmmm, tricks? No. They set their own alarm and wake up on their own in the morning, and have been doing this since about 3rd or 4th grade.

Anita Bourgeois I tell my younger son, to get into shower before older brother takes all the hot water.

Alicia Hardy Nope. She's 9. Her tablet alarm goes off and if she doesn't get up and start getting ready, the tablet is mine after school.

Kellie Cormier I play lullabies on pandora as loud as it goes. It annoys the hell out of him. He's 12. Works every time. Lol.

Jessica Johnson My 9 year old will wake up early, and get ready just so she can go back to sleep for a few minutes. For my 13 year old, a water bottle (after waking up 2 times) helps him jump up. Of course he's not in a good mood at that point but neither am I.

Vanessa Davis Let the dogs in his room. I yell "incoming!!!" and he knows to take cover or he will be attacked by a lot of Boxer lovin'. After that he's awake and ready for a Poptart.