It only takes a few minutes for a car to warm up on a chilly morning, but those few minutes can still make your teeth chatter as you sit uncomfortably shivering in the cold!

Here is the answer to your bone chilling mornings:  The Car Interior Preheater.

It sits atop the dashboard heating your car's interior, or the windshield, with a couple of vents that can rotate 180 degrees. A built in clock lets you specify what time you plan to get to your vehicle so the heater can power up 20 minutes ahead of time ensuring everything is toasty inside once you arrive. But if you don't have a set schedule, an included wireless remote can also be used to start it from the comfort of your home.

Sweet huh?   The price is around $120.

A rechargeable battery ensures the reheater doesn't completely drain your vehicle's juice.

Get one for yourself or purchase a few for Christmas gifts here