It was a warm summer morning in the country. Kris St. James stared certain death in the face. His story below.

It was 3:25a this morning when I decided it was time to hit the road and head to work. Stepped outside my house and I saw him... I solid black bull sitting beside my mailbox.

Did I literally pee my pants? No.

Did I approach him and ask him if he was lost? No.

Did he have a belated birthday present for me? No.

There was a two minute stare down, then he would turn around, take a stroll across the street infront of my house and hop over a fence. A fence mind you that was suppose to keep him in his OWN yard!

After this encounter, that triggered more anxiety than actually getting gored, I considered myself blessed! Yes, I said blessed. I have been living the life of a country bumpkin since February and ALL THIS TIME... I have had a "watch cow" looking over my property at night.