With the heavy rains this week, allot of the Gator 99.5 listening area had to deal with flooding issues. Choupique, Louisiana was one of those places.

Choupique is an area of country found between Sulphur, Vinton, and Hackberry. Where I call home is a white shotgun ranch home that sits on a nice size piece of property that belongs to some family of mine. It's a piece of land and on any given day have a number of cattle ranging better two to two hundred. But sometimes when weather gets nasty, it can put a major kink in delivering and working cattle. Here's another picture.

I also live a hundred yards from the Choupique Bayou, and when it rains for days high waters literally flood most of my land. And you make life really interesting, there's a small alligator somewhere in the picture below.


Can you say Alligator Etouffee?