I know that a lot of us really need a three day weekend. We need three days because the first two are taken with us working at home trying to catch up there.


I just put the recliner into relax mode. It's 2:30 Sunday afternoon. I worked until three yesterday. I then picked up my dry cleaning, prescriptions and bought a new weed whacker. Then I cooked dinner. This morning I woke up and made the weekly trip to Walmart and a side trip to Kroger. I then went home, put the groceries up and put the weed whacker together. Then I took it for a spin. It worked fine for about 15 minutes then died in my hands. It never restarted despite the blisters I wore on my fingers attempting to resuscitate it. I decided to go ahead and mow the yard. Then I had to blow off everything. I placed the dead weed whacker on the patio while I pondered it's fate and ate some breakfast. I showered and was off to mass. I got back home and put my famous "Bull____ Chicken " on to cook in the crock pot. I then picked up the weed whacker and headed back to the store hoping for a return. They were very nice. I grabbed a new one and left them the carcass. I then had to go back to  Walmart for school supplies for my son. I am at home now though. Let my time off begin.

My ballgame begins at in 30 minutes and it looks like I am actually gonna get to chill and enjoy it. I hope you have some time to relax and enjoy the fruits of your labor this weekend.