Over the weekend, I had the opportunity to see the Mines Theatre rendition of Little Women. They put on a great performance. Many of the actors and actresses on stage had never been in a production before, but you couldn’t tell by their performance.  They did a great job setting the mood throughout the show, and the audience laughed, was shocked, and felt the same sadness as the March family lived through the Civil War in trials and family togetherness.

I have loved the stage since I first debuted in Damn Yankees in West Point, NE.  When I first went out to try out it was only for a minor role, but once I started with the reading, I managed to one of the lead roles as Mr. Applegate. Once I had that production behind me I went on to perform and direct many more.

I’m proud to now be a part of the Mines Theatre, but want I want you to get out of this, is that there are many opportunities in Gator Country to get involved in the performing arts. You don’t need a long resume of great productions from your past. All the theatre groups in the area accept first timers.  If you have ever wanted to be involved in theater but didn’t know where to start, I’m here to help you. Right here in Lake Charles we have The Little Theatre, ACTS Theatre, and the Children’s Theatre.  In Sulphur you have the Mines Theatre. Each turns out multiple performances a year by local actors. There are spots for actors, set designers, sound, lighting, and many more ways you could be involved.

Each theatre company has a website where you can learn more about getting involved.

The Lake Charles Little Theatre - www.thelclt.com

ACTS Theatre - www.actstheatre.com

The Children’s Theatre - www.childrenstheatre.cc

The Mines Theatre - www.theminestheatre.org