Oh me, oh my ... what did I just spy?  Looking for that last minute gift that will cross the line of unique and disturbing -- what I like to call "Classy Trashy"! Don't be jealous, you can find treasures such as these at your local corner gas station grocery store! Follow Team "Strikeforce Special K" as we pursue our Christmas shopping!

Who doesn't love finding treasures hidden in plan sight? And sometimes you could get more than you bargain for!  Team "Strikeforce Special K" walked a hour away in this treasure trove, and have to share our findings with you!





Can't get enough hairbands, of every shape, size, color and variety? No problem! Got you covered, along with your favorite college team hat! Seriously...that's a lot of hairbands!










Wow, nothing makes me want add seasoning to my meals than a human skull! Perfect for your favorite goth in your family! Just let someone else bring the headcheese..








Perfect for your hunter who can't remember what time it is...IT'S HUNTING TIME!!! Gotta love the little hunter swinging from the tree, while being stalked  by a vengeful deer. Makes me want to slap on the camo and make my way to the deep woods!











See the picture on the background? It holds your wine bottle! Another use for an alligator head! Don't miss out on your chance to be the talk of the walk at your next office party!











Your next item up for bid is a chimera of things that are useful all apart and together kinda...are usless. But its all shiny, so pretty!

And yes, its also a telephone!






Ummm ... not even gonna touch this one.












D.J. K, Jr., gives this wall hanging his A-okay... until he found this next one....





Yep,  it's a big LA. tiger, but as a bonus, it even lights up!! Awesome!

After spending almost of the next two hours gazing on wonders of the world, Team "Strikeforce Special K" finally finishd with all our family shopping for Christmas!  So put on your fuzzy hats and make your way to your corner gas station grocery store and get ready for your own Fantastic Voyage!!