I'm not gonna lie, I'm not big into Christmas decorations, but these do it yourself giant lollipops have me wanting to make my yard into a winter wonderland.

Pool noodle DIY lollipops! Are you kidding me? How genius is that? I don't flip out over arts and crafts too often, but the brilliance of this DIY Christmas decoration is blowing my mind. It's cheap, easy, and super fun for the holiday season.

Someone bring me to the store ASAP, I need to stock up on pool noodles, duct tape, pvc pipe, plastic wrap and ribbons. That's not even a crazy list of supplies for a decoration that cool. And, let's be honest, candy never goes out of season, so I will probably change up the ribbon color and use them for ever occasion.

Oh, Pool noodle lollipops, you fill me with so much joy.

[via Tanya Memme]