It sure can get frustrating waiting for a physician, especially when you are in a position where you are pressed for time.

Recently on the Kris and Erin Show,  Erin shared about her last time at the doctor's office. Something about a lady sitting across from her... carrying on with a video chat with a grandkid... and you could hear the conversation 100 yards away! Pretty loud, huh?

I think I can stump that. Imagine sitting in a waiting room and the person two seats down from you decides to clip her toenails.

What do you find irritating while waiting in a medical office? People taking calls? Screaming kids? Snoring?

Paula Barton loud people on cell phones-not interested in your conversation!

Brandon Shelton I feel like the place is covered in germs.. grosses me out

Amy Drymon Waiting. I understand that sometimes MDs have some unexpected circumstances, but every time?

Daylyn Brady When people are sitting right next to you chewing loudly on there gum or there chips, and you just wanna tell them to close there mouth but then again you think... Better not. Lol

Latt Soileau No hunting or fishing magazines for men! I don't want to read good housekeeping or people!

Crystal English So many things but three big ones are Misbehaving children especially screaming ones, people on the phone & the wait.

Alana Guerrero Parent's who allow their children to run all over, messing with things, screaming and crying and doing nothing about it!!! Like in most restaraunts these days!

Sarah Sonnier People going to the restroom and not washing hands. I hate it! When they come out too quickly you know they didn't wash their hand. Gross!