If they'd had their way, the Farrelly brothers ("There's Something About Mary") would have made their dream "Three Stooges" film with their first choices: Sean Penn as Larry, Jim Carrey as Curly, and Benicio Del Toro as Moe. It very nearly happened back in 2009, but the casting fell through and the project was put on hold.

Instead, the directing team will now be shooting the film with a less starry cast: Sean Hayes ("Will & Grace") will be Larry, Will Sasso ("MADtv") will be Curly, and Chris Diamantopoulos (the guy from the "Mork & Mindy" TV movie) is your Moe. But even if these actors don't have the star power of a Jim Carrey, the most important question is, "Do they look the part?" Today, we got our first glimpse of the Stooges on set, and the answer is, "Oh yeah, absolutely."

Photographer Andrew Snook snapped some candid shots of the "Three Stooges" cast in Atlanta as they were preparing to shoot, and it took us a few moments to realize that we were looking at Hayes. But, yep, that's him as Larry with the trademark receding hairline, looking quite different than how we're used to seeing him. Left of him is Diamantopoulos, who's applying some eye drops and sporting his Moe pageboy haircut. OLV's photos only capture Sasso from the back, but his hulking demeanor seems just right to embody Curly's big, goofy essence.

When a big Hollywood project gets rolling -- especially one in which the audience already has an idea of what the characters should look like -- the studio will sometimes release official, highly polished photographs to assure everyone that the actors look the part. ("The Amazing Spider-Man" did that after selecting up-and-comer Andrew Garfield to be the new Spidey for the reboot.) We're sure that 20th Century Fox would have preferred to put out their own images before someone else beat them to it. We have a funny feeling those will now be forthcoming very, very soon.

via 'Three Stooges' Actors Look Very Stooge-y in First On-Set Photos - MOVIE TALK on Yahoo! Movies.