Say hello to The Midnight Rider, which according the Guinness Book of World Records, is the world's heaviest limousine weighing 25 tons and stretching 70 feet long.





Truly one 0f a kind, more than 90 percent of its 4,200 parts are made in-house. Its trailer carries 416 square feet of interior party space. Powered by a 435-HP Peterbilt 379  engine, the rig has 22 wheels and over-sized brakes. Oh, and I almost forgot about the two on-board generators that power the limo's 3.2 million candlepower worth of exterior lights.

The  interior is  heavy on the mirrored wood and polished brass—is based on the railroad Pullman cars, which were popular from the mid 1800's and seats 40 spread among three separate lounge areas -- each with its own bar, big screen and phones.

It costs $1,000 per hour to rent, but does include a crew of five: two drivers, a hostess, an operations specialist and a bartender.

The neatest thing is its horn plays " Midnight Rider" by the Allman Brothers.