I was home alone at our house in Moss Bluff. I was working in the yard when I saw a very strange looking woodpecker. Our feeder attracts several Woodpeckers; but it had never attracted one like this.

This woodpecker was an amazing bird. It had a different kind of shape to me and the amazing colors made it look pretty big when in flight. It seemed like a teradactle in a woodpecker's body. I found out later it was an Ivory Billed Woodpecker.

I spotted the bird several times; but I was always alone at the time. Ifinally saw it one day when my neighbor was home. I ask her to come over and see this bird. She watched it with me for several minutes before it flew away. Several months passed befoe I saw an article about this kind of woodpecker in the American Press

   I feel very fortunate for the experience of seeing this extremely rare bird. I hope someday you'll get the chance.