I guess getting locked in a closet would be a pain in the @$$, and this guy Charlie found the perfect way to deal with it: with a loaded .45 caliber semi-automatic pistol!!!It seems that Charles was doing something that most people must frown upon, and had to hide in a closet of a person who considers themselves to be an angler. And during his thrilling one man game of hide-and-seek, he managed to impale his gluteous maximus upon a nice sharp hook!

Failing in the ability to unlock himself out of a small closet, he proceeded to use his gun to attract attention...BY FIRING IT THROUGH THE WALLS!!!

Officer First Class Robert Pierce knocked on the door of the apartment, and Charles Akin Rempe, 52, opened the door and told Pierce that he had been hiding in the closet for several hours and that he had a fish hook embedded in his buttocks.

According to the Frederick Police Department, Rempe stated that he was glad the police had arrived and that he had discharged several gunshots inside the apartment, hoping the police would come.

So they cuffed him and ran him to the hospital, and thankfully, no one was hurt. And if you are wondering what he was doing in the closet with fishhooks and a .45...I'd say he was lured in...RIMSHOT!!!

via The Frederick News-Post Online.