Are the rumors true?  Will the New Orleans Saints pick a new quarterback this year, using their top two draft picks and pick up a young QB?  It has been almost sixteen years since they drafted a new quarterback, Drew Brees, and some rumors are flying around that the Saints camp may be entertaining a new quarterback, planning on Brees' retirement in the upcoming future.  Maybe drafting a solid second string, for Brees to mentor and fit into the  Saints offensive strategy?

Enter Tim Tebow.  Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know, might not be the most sound QB, but he is a cutie-patutie.  Looks good in a uniform, loves his Mama and Jesus, and may just be what NOLA needs...someone to put the "saint" back in the football franchise.  Bringing his good-will-toward-men attitude and throwing the football with grace and humility.  I think the Saints could definitely contact the Eagles and make a trade....or two.  I am sure the Eagles need a little love in their camp and need one of our Saints players, pick anyone of them.  Maybe some "Brees" love?  Whichever direction they move in, Tim Tebow Football is what I want to see......cute bum and all.

(All statements made are the opinion of Erin Davison and do not reflect the opinions of the Gator 99.5).  Insert laugh here.