You may remember that Jake Owen ended up in the hospital in July from a go-kart accident. Well, as of yesterday, complications from that incident led to the tip of Jake's right ring finger being amputated by doctors.

Back in July, Jake compared his go-kart crash injury to "taking a cinderblock and dropping it on your hand" in Country Weekly. The crash crushed the bones in his hand after it flipped. Doctors had to put a screw in to keep everything together.

But WZTV FOX 17 in Nashville reports that the finger was continuing to bleed as late as this week, so doctors told Jake the tip of the finger was going to have to go.  Still, the surgery isn't slowing the "Anywhere With You" singer down -- he's still planning to hold a free block party in Nashville tonight (Tuesday).

No word on what this will mean for Jake's guitar playing in the future.  Jake has previously told the Sioux City Journal that not having his guitar on stage is difficult.

"It's my dominant hand, so it's really awkward," Owen says. "Playing guitar is a big part of my show. It's how I started: On a bar stool by myself."

--Sioux City Journal