Opening day for my daughter's softball season is 24 hours away, and her dad is already regretting the decision of not coaching her team.

Ellie is on a talented team. Alas, a team without leadership or a girl's team missing someone to be an enforcer makes my prediction for this season a long one.

My reason I didn't sign up at SPAR was due to my job situation at the time. Now I have all the time in the world, and I find myself a father, with plenty of coaching experience, sitting in the bleachers. Ugh!

Okay, okay! I know these girls aren't playing the Yankees! (Deep sigh)

I swear I have the best of intentions. Ellie is my youngest child. She's my little girl. My older three kids have graduated high school, and Ellie is the only kid living at home.

So, maybe I might be having a hard time with my kiddos growing up too fast. I don't know.

Maybe, I could ask if the team would like my assistance?

That sounds like an AWESOME idea!

Thanks Gator Country!