So do you remember this?  Back in 2007, Country music superstar mega couple Tim McGraw and Faith Hill were on thier Soul2Soul tour when they made a stop in Lafayette, Louisiana.

The concert and Lafayette Louisiana quickly made national headlines when a fan in the Cajundome grabbed the crotch of Tim McGraw and Faith Hill quickly went off on that fan. She was pissed! Well today is the 8 year anniversary of the imfamous crotch grabbing incident.

I guess the fan figured since Tim is from Louisiana it would be ok to grab his man parts in his home state.  I wonder if Tim sang saprano after that?   The incident was caught on camera and quickly posted on YouTube.  Here is the video from that night 8 years ago!

I thought I would share when I read it during my ssegment of my show when we go back in Coutry Muisc history!  Funny stuff.