Remember when people started complaining that MTV doesn't play music videos anymore?  No one cares about that anymore -- because it wouldn't make sense for MTV to play music videos at all now.  Online videos are so prevalent, they're basically replacing physical media like CDs and iPods altogether.  And why not?  What a great way to see a video and hear the song you want to hear.

So what are the top country music videos of all time on Vevo? Well, if you're really interested, I hope you like Taylor Swift, because she has 10 of the top 12 videos all on her own.

So I guess the next question is: who else is there?  Well, as of December 2014, here are the top 10 Vevo country music videos that don't feature a certain blonde 20-something.

1. The Band Perry, "If I Die Young" (95.7 million views)

It's the song that launched The Band Perry, and apparently people can't get enough of that sad, sad music.  Everyone needs a good cry sometimes.

2.  Lady Antebellum, "Need You Now" (94.6 million views)

Another song that launched a hugely successful trio, "Need You Now" is also another pretty downer. This list is a little depressing at the moment.

3. Florida-Georgia Line, "Cruise" (57.3 million views)

Another debut smash.  Seeing a trend here?  But at least we're rocking now!  No matter when you watch this video, it's immediately summer.

4. Shania Twain, "From This Moment On" (54.2 million views)

Hands down, the wedding song of 1998, this song was kind of a surprise. After all, the video is older than Vevo itself. Just goes to show that whenever Shania's ready for a comeback, all she'll have to do is show up.

5. Carrie Underwood, "Before He Cheats" (53.3 million views)

Are you kidding me?  This video is more heartbreaking to me than even The Band Perry.  Look what happens to all those cars and trucks at the start of the video!  Makes me weep, bruh.

6. Lady Antebellum, "Just A Kiss", (43.8 million views)

Otherwise known as 'Lady A's European Vacation,' this ode to chastity is the trip every romantic person wants to take.  Check your passports.

7. Sugarland, "Stay" (43.7 million views)

Every playlist has to have a torch song, and brother, isn't the this torchiest of them all?  The video has outlasted the group already, unfortunately, but not a bad legacy to leave behind.

8. Darius Rucker, "Wagon Wheel" (41.2 million views)

Darius Rucker covered this decade-old song first recorded by Old Crow Medicine Show.  But the song was actually first sketched out (but never finished) by none other than Bob Dylan.

9. Rascal Flatts, "What Hurts The Most" (39 million views)

Another tearjerker, this one starts dramatically from the first frame. Man, we're really on an emotional roller coaster here, aren't we?

10. Carrie Underwood, "Just a Dream" (38.9 million views)

And it's entirely possibly that we've saved the saddest of them for last, as Carrie Underwood makes a second appearance on our list.