So many of you may know that I was a police officer for over 10 years here in Calcasieu Parish.  Oh, some of you didn't know that?  Well I was!  I worked for the Calcasieu Parish Sheriff's Office from 1993 to 2003 while I still did my radio shows on the weekends.

Needless to say, in the ten years I was patrolling the streets of Calcasieu Parish, I saw some really bad stuff -- but I also had some of the funniest things happen to me!

I worked mostly the areas of Central and North Lake Charles.  Plus, I worked mostly the graveyard shift -- 6 p.m. to 6 a.m., so you know I saw weird stuff on the night shift!


  • 1

    Rearranging Someone's Furniture

    Every night around 7 p.m., I would get a call from dispatch to go and turn off a lady's porch light, because she lived alone and was bedridden.  No problem right? I didn't mind helping out an elderly person.  It was when I went one night and she asked me to rearrange her bedroom furniture. That was when things got weird!  I had a trainee with me, and we found ourselves sliding her bed and bed frame around while she was still in it!  I mean I have moved furniture before but not while someone was still in it.  Crazy stuff!

  • 2

    Custody Of A Dog

    Yes this is a true story!  I got a call to go to someone's home in reference to a custody matter.  I was thinking on the way over there that it was a child custody matter.  Nope, when I arrived I was told by a guy -- of all things -- that his girlfriend and he had broken up . And she wouldn't give him back his dog.  I said, "You mean child right?"  He said, "No, our dog."  By the way, he was crying like a little school girl while telling me.  I felt bad for the guy, but the dog belonged to both of them, so I told him I couldn't do anything about that.  They should have gone to doggie court! Or at least small claims court.

  • 3

    Foot Pursuit With a Guy on a bike

    At one time, I was kind of a fast runner.  I received a call one night about a male subject on a bike sitting on a corner selling drugs.  Sure enough, as soon as I pulled up, there he was. I got out of my patrol car to talk to the guy, and he took off on his bike. I just started running after him. While I was running, I radioed into the Sheriff's Office that I was in a foot pursuit.  Yes, I was chasing after a guy on foot while he was on a bicycle.  What was I thinking?  The funny thing is, I caught up with him and as I grabbed him to take him off the bike, my backup came around the corner like the Dukes of Hazzard.  My backup got so close that the subject never made it to the ground but instead straight on the hood of the other patrol car. We laughed about that!  Oh yeah, by the way, the subject had about 50 crack cocaine rocks on him!  He received a free trip the the Calcasieu Broad Street Hotel -- a.k.a. the Correctional Center!

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    Arrested A Lady at Bingo

    So when you are a police officer, you have a chance to work off-duty security to make some extra cash.  Every other Thursday morning, I would work at a bingo hall.  Why?  Well, there is a lot of money changing hands.  No theft occurred, but instead a lady that was playing started screaming obscenities when the bingo caller wouldn't call her number.  I went over to the lady and asked her to refrain from yelling obscenities at the top of her lungs.  She said in a real smart way, "Yeah, okay".  I walked off and wouldn't you know the next number called, she yelled out another obscenity. I walked back over to her and told her it was time to leave.  She said, "I am not leaving." Let me just say, she left even though she didn't want to.  She left with some new jewelry on: handcuffs.  At bingo, really?

  • 5

    Someone Stole His Drugs

    Yes, someone actually called the Sheriff's Office and wanted to report that his sister had stole his bag of marijuana!  I mean, really?  I actually had to go out on that call and talk to this dude about the fact that he had just bought a bag of weed from his dealer. While he was sleeping, his sister took his weed and smoked it all.  The funniest part about it was I patted him down for my safety only to find a crack pipe on him.  So he went to jail anyway, but he was still pissed about his weed!