This Christmas, show your furry friend how much you love them.  These gifts will pawsitively have them barking with joy!

(Photo by Stephen Chernin/Dockers via Getty Images)

For all the times they are there for you, always happy to see you, and ready to give you unconditional love, this Christmas you can give your best friend something special.  below is a look at this years top gifts for dogs, courtesy of Here's a few of my favorites.

Petlit LED Collar Light

This gift is perfect for the dogs who spend a lot of time or when letting your dog out at night to use the bathroom.  You never have to lose sight of them again.  The LED collar lights work up to 100 feet away.  Retail price is about $5.
Just like the original Whistle offered a great way for owners to keep tabs on their dog's activity level, track medication, and keep up with their log food, the WhistleGPS has that and more.  The upgraded version adds your dogs actual location into the mix.   That's right you can track your dogs where-a-bouts with the all new WhistleGPS.  Unfortunately the high-tech gadget won't be available until summer 2015, but you can pre-order it now.  Retails for about $129.
Filson Dog Travel Mat
I don't know about your dog, but mine sits in the passenger sit like a person.  He LOVES to ride.  However, he sheds and has rather long nails.  So to avoid a mess or having my seats scratched up, he doesn't ride as much.  If you have a similar problem this nifty mat will do the trick.  This travel mat from Filson has all the bells and whistles.  It's waterproof nylon underside ensures no mistakes or slobber will damage your interior, the cushy foam-core gives and extra cushy ride, and it's roll-up design makes it easy to store or put away. Did I mention it's extremely durable? Retails for about $135
If your dogs loves the age old game of fetch, this is the ultimate gift for your dog.  Playing fetch be the same for your companion and never get old for you.  The iFetch gives ball-obsessed dogs everywhere, a never ending round of their favorite game.  Keep in mind this is for smaller dogs as the machine only takes mini tennis balls.  But it hurls them up to 30-feet, complete with a receptacle where your dog can drop the fetched balls.  You'll be happy to know, there's a big dog version on the way.  Retails for about $100
Bark Box
Does your dog go bonkers when the mailman or delivery man comes by?  Well here's a way for them to warm-up to them.  Introducing the Bark Box. It's box full of your dogs favorite treats, toys and gadgets that'll be delivered every month!   The goodies include a mixture of toys, bones, and more.  The best part is, ten percent of all profits go to dogs in need.  $19/month and up.
Musher's Secret All-Season Paw Protection
Though putting your dogs in shoes is fun and makes for the best photos ever, I'm sure your dog hates them.  Here's a way to protect your dogs paws in fidget weather.  Musher's Secret, is a wonderful blend of natural waxes that gives your dog's paws the same winter protection as the cute booties, but spares him the embarrassment. Retails for about $20.
If your away from your dog do to work or travel, now you don't have to feel so guilty. Petcube is a cool new gadget that'll keep your pet busy while your on the go. The small box is made out of aluminum and glass.  Plus, houses a wide-angle camera, microphone, speakers and a laser.  So now when you have to be away from your best friend, talk to them the entire time your gone.  Play them some music or give em a crazy laser light show.  Retails for about $199.