I wanted to show how country music is portrayed in "reel life". Like going on a first date to the movies, I figured this would be a good way for us to get to know one another. These are my top 10 favorite country films of all time. Enjoy!

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    Rhinestone (1984)

    Dolly Parton played Jake Farris, a country singer who took a bet with a sleazy nightclub owner that anyone can sing country music. Dolly had to turn Sylvester Stallone--who played a New York Taxi cab driver-- into a country sensation in two weeks time. Could this be the story of Keith Urban? It was New York-meets-Tennessee in this comedy which was a commercial failure at the box office. The best part about the film was hearing Dolly perform some of her songs solo, on an acoustic guitar. Dolly got two top ten hits out of the soundtrack "Tennessee Homesick Blues" and "God Won't Get You". However, Stallone sang a song called "Drinkin'-Stein" (about how Budweiser made him a monster)which failed to chart.

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    Pure Country (1992)

    George Strait made his acting debut in this box-office bomb. As the 1990s saw a new era of country fans and stars, the golden age of the country music motion picture had, obviously, long since passed. The only thing good about the movie is the soundtrack, which proved to be more successful than the film. For all its country charm, its hard to feel sorry for the big-time country star, Dusty, who felt like he just had to get away from the glitz and the glamour of being a country superstar and go back home to his country roots. Dusty knew there was a problem when his live audiences did not seem to listen to him anymore, even when he flubbed up the lyrics on purpose. Solution: cut your pony-tail, shave and go back home. Mysteriously enough, Pure Country spawned a sequel in 2010, Pure Country 2: The Gift--which may have gone straight to video, a good country-mile wide of any theaters.

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    Honeysuckle Rose (1980)

    Willie Nelson starred in this film --which was part concert film and part romantic drama-- that gave audiences a peek into the secret(and not so secret) life aboard the Willie Nelson tour bus. Willie was actually a pretty darn good actor, as he portrayed fictional country star Buck Bonham. Nelson show his acting chops as he seemed much better than his female co-star Amy Irving. Dyan Cannon played the wife of Bonham--who fell by the wayside after he fell for a new guitar player (Amy Irving)in his touring band. It is always good to see Slim Pickens in any film; and he made quite a memorable appearance in this one. Emmylou Harris appeared as herself in an on-stage duet with Willie.

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    Honkytonk Man (1982)

    Clint Eastwood produced, directed and starred in the tale of Red Stovall--a depresion-era country singer and dust-bowl drifter-- who was invited to audition at the Grand Ole Opry in Nashville. The film also starred Kyle Eastwood, the son of Clint, who played the nephew of the aspiring Country Western singer. Plenty of Honky-tonking, chicken-thieving and jail-busting make for a heck of a country ride. Unfortunately, Eastwood is not a real country singer which leaves the film lacking in the musical department. But Honkytonk Man holds up well for an early example as one of the earliest directorial work from Eastwood.

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    Beer For My Horses (2008)

    Toby Keith starred as deputy sheriff Rack Racklin along with Willie Nelson, David Allan Coe and Mel Tillis in this comedy film that does not have much to do with country music as much it deals with the crystal meth epidemic in North Texas and Southern Oklahoma. The title of the film is named after a single from Toby Keith (and Willie Nelson)from his 2002 album "Unleashed". Although the film has nothing to do with the song, the song is featured in this film--which is like a country song in the sense that it is honest and well...kind of funny. Rodney Carrington, country artist and comedian, starred as the comic foil and garnered a writing credit for the film. Ted Nugent even stars with no dialogue (thankfully). The soundtrack features Toby Keith, Mel Tillis, David Allan Coe and Rodney Carrington.