The tropics continue to be active but not urgently active. That is a good thing. While there are three areas of concern in the tropical Atlantic basin, none of them appear to be on a path that will affect any land mass.

The broad area of low pressure that was in the eastern Gulf of Mexico yesterday has crossed the Florida peninsula and is now in the Atlantic Ocean just off Daytona Beach. This system will continue to bring heavy rains to Florida but does not appear to be in an environment where it will gain strength and turn back toward the U.S. mainland.

Tropical Depression 9 continues to barely cling to its status in the middle of the Atlantic this morning. Most forecasters are suggesting that this system will eventually fall apart well to the east of Bermuda.

The third disturbance being tracked by the National Hurricane Center is about 750 miles west southwest of the Cape Verde Islands. This system shows the most potential for becoming a tropical cyclone and even a named storm over the weekend. If it does earn a name it will be called Ida. The good news on this system is it should remain well out to sea for the duration of its existence.