He was Democrat. Used to be Pro Choice. Today Donald Trump says he is a Republican, Pro Life, and donating to the Clintons was just "business." Next year, could he be moving to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue? The White House?

I agree with his remarks about people coming here illegally, but at the same time, I think he is only a "Republican" because it is garnering him attention. If it came to Hillary and Trump, I'd vote for Trump because I hate everything Hillary stands for.

I just think their are better candidates out there. That's my opinion.

What did Thursday night's Republican debate teach you? (one sentence only)

Jennifer... Politics is crazy!!!!!

Sam... Both parties suck, vote libertarian.

Jared... That every politician and even Fox is scared of Trump.

Patrice... Trump is not scared to say what needs to be said.

Heather... President TRUMP!!

Kirsten... I am my own president.

Laticha... Trump for president