I think Trump likes the idea of being President purely out vanity, if you listen to him for five minutes he will tell you how great he is about a 100 times!

But the reality is that for him to become President would mean he would have to compromise under pressure or face isolation from within, and that is not what Donald Trump is about, he likes getting his own way even if he is wrong! But... what do I know?

Thought's on Trump's America?

Jared... He's what we need.. One of the best business men running the largest business in the world. Not being scared to speak the truth helps a lot too.

André... Not too thrilled about another multi-billionaire running for office. I think this country needs an average American who can relate to the rest of us. Whether it's Rand Paul or Dr. Ben Carson. I'm just very iffy about having someone part of the 1% try to represent blue-collar America.

Tiffany... I like him and he's against common core he's got my vote.

Tracy... Your damned if you do and your damned if you don't...

Patrice... Trump he speaks his mind.