People study the strangest things.  For instance, researchers at the University of Vermont grabbed 10 million posts off of Twitter and used that highly scientific data to determine which states in America were the happiest and the saddest.  And we get to come in last in yet another list.  Well, whaddaya know -- that does make me kind of sad.

Anyway, this little study took all the tweets people made, the looked at the kinds of words they used.

Happy words include the omnipresent LOL and haha, as well as good, nice, sleep and wine, and food or beach related words. According to the list, rainbow is one of the happiest words and earthquake is one of the saddest. --

Apparently here in Louisiana, our Twitter updates includes sad language like " mad, hate, no, boo, smoke and jail, as well as a colorful and thorough assortment of expletives," according to CNN.

The top 5 happiest states, according to Twitter, are California, Maine, Nevada, Utah and -- GASP -- Vermont.  (Gee, the study was done in Vermont, and Vermont ends up as one of the happiest states.  I wonder how that happened?)  The saddest were Louisiana, Mississippi, Maryland, Delaware and Georgia.

Then, because people can't leave bad enough alone, The Atlantic magazine broke things down even further and compiled the happiest and saddest cities.


  1. Napa, Calif.
  2. Longmont, Colo.,
  3. San Clemente, Calif.
  4. Santa Fe, NM,
  5. Santa Cruz, Calif.
  6. Green Bay, Wis.
  7. Santa Rosa, Calif.
  8. Simi Valley, Calif.
  9. Lafayette, Colo.
  10. Asheville, NC
  11. Spokane, Wash.
  12. Boulder, Calif.


  1. Beaumont, Texas
  2. Albany, Ga.
  3. Texas City, Texas
  4. Shreveport, La.
  5. Monroe, La.
  6. Memphis, Tenn.
  7. Battle Creek, Mich.
  8. Flint, Mich.
  9. Lima, Ohio
  10. Houma, La.
  11. Waterbury, Conn.
  12. Alexandria, La.

Son of a gun.  But look, only 15% of adults in America use Twitter.  Couldn't we actually say that it's people who use Twitter in Louisiana that are unhappy?  They're unhappy because it's Sportsman's Paradise, and if they went outside once in a while instead of tweeting their "peeps," they'd probably be much happier, right?