What is it that some people fail to understand about driving while drunk? We are inundated with messages warning us not to drink and drive. We know the legal aspect and we all know that innocent people get hurt. Some people still do not get the message as is eveident by two more 4th offense DWI arrest.

Every week we hear about road blocks and arrest. Citizens have had enough and with a cell phone in most cars ... everyone is reporting drunk drivers. There is no place to hide and no excuse. To make matter even worse ... both of these drivers have already been arrested for fourth offense DWI and are awaiting trial on those charges. While they are waiting they have been arrested for the same thing again! Why are they still on the streets? Do they have to kill someone before they are locked up?



First up is David G. Prater a 58 year old who resides at  825 Goss Road in Westlake. He was pulled over (this time) after he was observed swerving onto the shoulder and into the opposing lane. His bond was set at $250,000.



Then there's Michael P. Miller a 33 year old from  2930 Joel Road in Sulphur. He had an ignition interlock but it was unplugged and sitting in the passenger seat when he was pulled over. His bond has been set at $205,500.

I am certainly not an attorney or judge. It does seem to me though that these two should be held until trial and no bond should be offered. it is a public safety issue and I am sure most police officers would agree.