Will The Deadman and the WCW Icon appear at WWE's Battleground tonight?

The last time the WWE Universe saw the two was at Wrestlemania. The Undertaker was victorious over Bray Wyatt. Sting lost his bout with HHH in a "Match for the Ages."

Why their resurgence?

For many many WWE fans, they would love to see a match between Sting and Undertaker. The time is ticking for both wrestling legends. Taker is 50 while the Stinger turned 56.

Now don't get me wrong... the likes of Flair, Hogan, and even Vince McMahon have graced the squared circle many times as they battled not only their opponent but Father Time.

I just believe that fans will have a high expectation of this dream match that both competitors will want to be at their best.

As for as tonight's card, the main event features WWE Champion Seth Rollins defending against Brock Lesner. Let's recap.

Things... don't look good for the champ.

Battleground can be seen on the WWE Network tonight!