This is why people who use a lot of drugs should not be placing bets, they will come up with the stupidest wagers! Like racing mice or how many pickled eggs Billy can eat. Or even weather or not, somebody might have a bottle of pee-pee on them!

Kyle Tarboro was on probation and at an all night poker game, when Brian Hamedl let lose that he is driving around with a bottle of clean urine in his car. A wager was placed, and ...well it wasn't pretty!

They bet $300 on whether Hamedl actually had the urine, and Tarboro eventually demanded the money or the specimen. When Hamedl told him the bet wasn't serious, Tarboro delivered a beating that sent him to a hospital for four days, police said.

At trial this month, a jury delivered a mixed verdict, finding Tarboro guilty of simple assault, false imprisonment and false reports to police, but acquitting him of more serious charges of robbery and aggravated assault.

Oh course this cat get 3 hots and a cot for the next couple of year, easy for him since h had been in and out of lockup since the 1990's.  He will have to pay nearly $54000 in medical bills, but at least where he is going, he won't need drug free urine!!!

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