The rumor mill was buzzing, and today Verizon made it official.  They will get the iPhone.  The projected launch date will be February 10th, effectively ending AT&T's three and a half year monopoly with the Apple Phone.  According to Apple, the agreement with Verizon is not an exclusive arrangement.  This opens up the possibility for other carriers to get the rights for the iPhone as well.

PC Magazine got their hands on a demo and discusses the features:

The iPhone 4 for Verizon Wireless is ... an iPhone 4 for Verizon Wireless. It looks, feels, and acts just like the existing iPhone 4, except for a new wireless hotspot app and a potential change to the antenna that just might solve the "death grip" problem. But after all, that's what Apple and Verizon promised: the iPhone experience, on Verizon's 3G network.

I said yesterday that competition can be a great thing for the consumer.  The real winner in all of this could be Apple.  With the possibility of other carriers getting the iPhone, Apple could dominate a market where they already have a strong presence.

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