The David Vitter campaign for Governor of Louisiana is sitting in a very good spot. Their candidate is leading almost every poll. They have statewide name recognition since Mr. Vitter is a sitting United States Senator. They have a pile of cash on hand for when the campaign for Governor gets down and dirty.

The Vitter campaign announced that they have raised an additional $1.3 million dollars in the second quarter of this year. This brings the cash on hand for the Vitter campaign to slightly more than $5 million. This puts his campaign miles ahead of his nearest competitor.

When asked why the Vitter campaign has been so successful at fund raising political pundit Bernie Pinsonat explained to the Louisiana Radio Network, it's not that hard to figure out.

If he loses, he'll still be United States Senator.  So when asking for money, the business community, it's hard for them to say no because if he loses, he'll still be their Senator.

Pinsonat went on to explain the political gamesmanship involved in Vitter releasing his fund raising totals before any other candidate released theirs.

Now, when they announce theirs, if they are two or three or four million dollars behind Vitter, it's another glaring example of why he's the odds-on favorite to make it in the runoff.

Another thing that the Vitter campaign has going for them, the Fund for Louisiana's Future, a political action committee that supports Vitter, has an additional $4million on hand for use in the campaign as well.

Does all that available cash guarantee victory? Not necessarily. It does almost assure Vitter a spot in the runoff and barring a very significant faux pas or glaring misstep it does look like he will be the candidate to beat come October 24th.