Wow, really want to win FREE MONEY and get your kids confused quickly? Have I got something for you!

My son and I found this maze on a children's menu at local restaurant, and after hearing him make confused grunts, I decided to jump in with my college-educated brain to help out. And I am no stranger to kid's menus -- I have been besting "Connect-the-Dots", "Wordsearches" and "Kid's Mazes" for the better part of my adult life.

But this maze stumped me too. So now I'm turn to you, the listening (or reading) public, and offer you the unbelievable cash money prize of...$32.84!  Thats's right, all the money in my change jar at the Kayve! It can all be yours -- just complete this maze correctly and the first person return complete maze to the Gator Studios will walk away with this beautiful collection of nickels, dimes and pennies (sorry, but I need the quarters for laundry)! Remember, NO CHEATING! The ability to cheat doesn't work here, only in politics and unfaithful marriages, and we will be waiting to award a winner!

Here is the maze, and GOOD LUCK!

(NOTE:  We are not responsible if David Kaye doesn't pay you.  Thanks, The Management)